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Plastics Application

Shade Color Index Name Pigment Class Application
  Pigment Yellow 13 Diarylide Yellow    
  Pigment Yellow 14 Diarylide Yellow    
  Pigment Yellow 17 Diarylide Yellow    
  Pigment Yellow 62 Monoazo Yellow
  Pigment Yellow 81 Diarylide Yellow    
  Pigment Yellow 83 Diarylide Yellow  
  Pigment Yellow 93 Diazo Condensation
  Pigment Yellow 95 Diazo Condensation
  Pigment Yellow 110 Isoindolinone
  Pigment Yellow 139 Isoindolinone
  Pigment Yellow 150 Metal Complex  
  Pigment Yellow 151 Benzimidazolone  
  Pigment Yellow 168 Monoazo Yellow  
  Pigment Yellow 180 Benzimidazolone
  Pigment Yellow 181 Benzimidazolone
  Pigment Yellow 183 Monoazo Yellow
  Pigment Yellow 191 Monoazo pyrazolone
  Pigment Orange 13 Disazopyrazolone    
  Pigment Orange 34 Disazopyrazolone    
  Pigment Orange 36 Benzimidazolone  
  Pigment Orange 64 Benzimidazolone
  Pigment Red 48:2 BONA, Ca  
  Pigment Red 48:3 BONA, Sr
  Pigment Red 53:1 ß-Naphthol, Ba  
  Pigment Red 57:1 BONA, Ca
  Pigment Red 122 Quinacridone
  Pigment Red 144 Diazo Condensation
  Pigment Red 149 Perylene
  Pigment Red 166 Diazo Condensation
  Pigment Red 170 Naphthol AS      
  Pigment Red 176 Benzimidazolone  
  Pigment Red 185 Benzimidazolone  
  Pigment Red 242 Diazo Condensation
  Pigment Red 254 DPP
  Pigment Brown 25 Benzimidazolone    
  Pigment Violet 19 Quinacridone
  Pigment Violet 23 Dioxazin    
The information given is based on the knowledge we have and is only for your reference. There are many possible factors that could affect the use of the pigments. The buyer shall make his own tests and be responsible to be sure of the products' suitability.
■=Highly recommended    ●=Recommended     ◎=Limited suitability 

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