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Application of VAT dyes



Cotton fabric dyed with VAT dyes mainly adopts dip-dyeing process. Cheese dyeing machine or beam dyeing machine can be selected according to the processing amount. In recent years, in order to adapt to the high quality of cotton knitted fabrics, the liquid flow dyeing machine is also used. In addition, for small batch and rapid processing requirements, ready-to-wear dyeing will increase.

2.Continuous dyeing

The continuous pad-steaming process with VAT dye suspension is suitable for the processing of large quantities of fabrics such as overalls, overcoats and bedding, while the roll dyeing process is suitable for small quantities, especially for wide fabrics, to the tent and so on thick fabric to be able to exert the maximum function.


anti-electrophoretic agent. In Europe, the United States and Japan are very popular in a high-level printing textiles is to use reactive dyes to dye, VAT dyes to dye discharge cotton fabrics. By the way,. The method for large-scale processing is two-phase printing, which is most suitable for direct printing of enclosures, covers, etc. .

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